For men and women. All facials include a hot stone neck, chest and shoulder massage.

Delicious! Exotic! Luscious!
This Anti-oxidant Pomegranate Soufflé Facial, Scalp and Hot Rock Neck/Shoulder Massage with Heated Hand and Foot Moisturizing Treatment is Calorie-free!
Refreshing cucumber, calendula and chamomile cleansing gel hydrate, detoxify and soothe the skin.
Skin detoxifying polish exfoliates leaving skin velvety smooth.
Vitamin C serum reduces visible photo aging and improves elasticity.
Honey-Rose Massage Cream soothes dried and delicate skins promoting elasticity and toning.
Pomegranate skin calming mask, reduces sensitivity, diminishes the appearance of broken capillaries and neutralizes free radicals.
1 ½ hours — 
Price $120.00

Wonder Woman Facial
If you want skin that is radiant, smooth and nourished, this facial delivers. Ideal for all skin types. We use a non-irritating, cocktail of goji berry, red, green and white teas, combined with powerful cell renewing acids to transform your skin. This is followed with brightening vitamin C and wrinkle reducing moisturizers. This facial gives you multi-level anti-aging benefits so you look and feel wonderful!

Advanced Ageless Technology Facial
Protects elastin, stimulates its synthesis, improves its quality and fights the signs of aging.

Jennifer’s Famous Deluxe Facial
A customized aromatherapy based facial using techniques exclusive to Jennifer’s Spa. It includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, oxygenation, extractions, massage of the face, neck and shoulders together with a masque mixed especially for you, leaving your skin clean and fresh.
series of 3: $195
series of 6: $385

Diamond Facial
Skin polishing facial using a cut diamond Dermafile.
series of 3: $195

Acne Facial Treatment
The treatment addresses all levels of acnaic clogged pores.

The AHA Facial
A deep exfoliating facial for skin that thirsts for smooh texture, more radiance, and clarity. A Yonka Paris Alpha Hydroxy is used to boost your skin’s own metabolism. It is completed with a special “peel off” firming mask leaving you with youthful vibrancy. (note: this facial is ideal for persons already using an Alpha Hydroxyl treament product in their home care regime.)
series of 3: $205

Mini Facial for Teens
A special deep cleansing of the skin, exfoliating dead skin that can clog the pores. Rebalancing is the done with a masque. Finally, your teen is advised on proper home care.

Powerderm Micro Dermabrasion System
This machines acts as an exfoliator, collagen and elastin reproduction trigger and lymphatic drainage massager.
series of 3: $216

Lightening & Brightening
Helps correct age spots and sun damage using glycolic acid, Vitamin C, Retinol and advanced lighteners to stimulate collagen/elastin synthesis and skin rejuvention providing ultimate clarity.

Deep hydration with hot stones and aromatherapy.

Ecopeptide Treatment
Oligopeptides replenish collagen and hydrate

Optimizer Yonka Paris
Plant peptides and extracts firm and regenerate.

Holistic Rejuvenation Facial
This advanced corrective facial uses a non invasive DERMAFILE plus potent “green” extracts from the earth and sea to blend and correct all skin types.

This most advanced treatment infuses the skin with ingredients for building and firming as well as repairing skin defects and solar damage. A delicate blade peels the epidermis without cutting skin or shaving hair, working directly on lines, wrinkles and sun spots leaving the skin lustrous, radiant and youthful.

Forever Young
Helps repair the effects that stress, hormones and the environment play by exfoliating with an ultra firming mask. This treatment is perfect for even the most sensitive aging skin as well as rosacea.

Wish Facial
A proactive treatment using ultra advanced anti-oxidants to reverse the long existing internal causes of aging. Skin feels amazingly soft and smooth.

Apple Cranberry Anti-Aging
Anti-oxidant fruit extracts and repair.

Bioactive agents reduce skin vulnerability and repair stressed skin.

Super Facial
This ultimate in advanced treatments uses a deep sea herbal peel.